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Collaborators Event Description
WIMG 1300 AM -Radio Station-Linda R. Johnson, of Capital Health Systems, Brava/NJCEED Coordinator Radio Show Presentation Participated in "In the Public Interest" WiMG Radio (1300 AM) and WZBN-TV Broadcast , the MC of the show. Used the opportunity to explain the NJ SNAP-Ed program and the role that Faithfully Fit plays in the nutrition education outreach efforts of NJ SNAP-Ed. This proved to be an instructive opportunity to let SNAP eligible individuals know that free nutrition education is available in the community, as well as an opportunity for organizers to learn about acquiring free resources for their respective agencies.
Newark Emergency Services for Families "Health Fair" Participated in National Family Week Program. Worked with Niharika Batra [nbatra@nesfnj.org] to put together a session for clientele on relevant health information. Delivered presentation on food security resources as well as the basic messages within the food pyramid at MyPyramid.gov. This presentation included a focus on how to get food followed by how to get and prepare the most healthful food items.
American Diabetes Association "American Diabetes Association Annual Educational Conference " Participated in 2009 "Conferencia: Diabetes: De los Pies a la Cabeza". Provided information table at The Lord Stirling Community School. Liaised with Yelena Ortiz, event coordinator for the American Diabetes Association and accompanied by Marisol Ortiz of the NJ SNAP-Ed Indirect Education Unit. Together we provided educational materials to the New Brunswick Community as well as information on community outreach in nutrition education for two Montclair University Students interested in this type of nutrition education delivery.
New Jersey Hospital Association "Health Fair" Participated in "Childhood Obesity Prevention Through Hospital and Community Partnerships Program." Presented on Faithfully Fit collaborations with houses of worship and non-profit organizations to educate the Food Stamp population. This opportunity provided nurses and potential individuals who are involved in organizing or supporting outreach initiatives information on the utility and viability of Faithfully Fit resources in furthering their community work.