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United Way of North Essex County Monthly Collaborative Meeting Presented on Faithfully Fit program to members of the United Way of North Essex County. Worked through Eileen Sweeny, their Resource Coordinator. Highlighted the Faithfully Fit "Poster of the Month Club," one page fact sheets, and nutrition messages to the members, each of whom coordinates a pantry in the North Essex County Area.
Mercer Street Friends Food Bank. Mercer County "Annual Food Bank Meeting" Presented Faithfully Fit Program resources to approximately 70 community feeding organizations operating in the greater Mercer County area. Some are outreach units of faith-based organizations and others are not. Outlined the Faithfully Fit program resources that could help enhance the outreach many pantries, soup kitchens and houses of worship would like, but don't have time to do. This provided a great opportunity for agencies to collaborate with us to expand client services and impact in the community.