Calcium Select to Protect Campaign

Select to Protect is campaign designed to help parents feed their children better on a budget.  We want to help you feed the children you care for in a heathy way, and to help you help them to be active enough to stay fit!

Select to Protect works with those raising young children, including:

  • SNAP-eligible pregnant women,
  • SNAP-eligible parents
  • Pre-Schools workers
  • Others who care for children outside the home and who have the potential to impact their nutrition and physical activity.

We do this in many ways! 

Select to Protect Direct Education Offerings

We offer fun and informative small group classes (usually 4-15 adults).  We like to offer them on series of 6, but can work with you to make the series shorter or longer, according to your needs.  Classes last from 45 to 90 minutes and offer great tips for feeding healthy foods to young ones in ways they’ll enjoy.

Select to Protect Workshops

A workshop is a one time, class (minimum of 45 minutes).  Workshops can be done by our professional staff at any site that services SNAP-eligible parents and caregivers.  We’ll work with you to offer a workshop you and those you serve will love!  They may even get a taste of how good healthy food can be!

Select to Protect Mini-lessons

Mini-lessons are fun, interactive, hands-on healthy eating and activity classes that last 15 to 20 minutes, and that can be repeated throughout the day at events.  Mini-lessons help caregivers learn to:

  1. Increase children’s fruit and vegetable intake,
  2. Exercise portion control,
  3. Use money-saving shopping practices,
  4. Increase family physical activity;
  5. Choose and use low-fat dairy foods,
  6. Painlessly avoid high-sugar beverages, and
  7. Plan tasty, low-cost meals and snacks from healthy foods. 

Mini-lessons are conducted in agencies that serve low-income caregivers such as WIC, Head Start, Pre-Schools, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s), Pregnant teen programs and Pregnancy Resource Centers. 

If you’re willing, we’re also happy to teach you how to offer the lessons yourself!

Training for In-Home Day Care Providers

We’d love to help you do a Home Self-Assessment of Activity and Diet from the National Cancer Institute, and help you figure out how to make your home the healthiest it can be for the children in your care.  Just contact us!


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