Rev It Up!

The Rev It Up! Campaign aims to help low-income teens become more active.  Special emphases are placed on working with inactive teens, teen girls, and teen moms.  Teens demonstrate a dramatic drop in activity as they move through high school so this is a campaign that can dramatically help their health.  The campaign also helps teens eat better by helping them learn ways to choose healthy (yet good tasting) snacks, eat more vegetables, decrease their intake of sugary beverages, and choose healthier foods when eating out. 

Teen Nutrition and Physical Activity Classes

We teach these anywhere we can find inactive teens who draw from schools where 50% or more of the teens receive free or reduced-price meals.  Our curriculum is comprised of eight nutrition and physical activity lessons, designed specifically for use with teens.  They’re fun and teens get to work with friends to solve their own eating and activity issues.  They may not know what these are, but they sure do before we leave!  Classes are designed to be taught within one class period if they are offered in schools.

Rev It Up! Rev Your Bod! Events

These events help teens learn ways to increase physical activity every day and choose healthy food alternatives.  Through interactive table displays and activities, teens are charged up with information and resources to help them make positive choices.  Teen ambassadors are recruited to facilitate the displays, educate their peers, and lead the efforts of supporting a positive and healthy environment for their schools and/or communities. Hosting one of our events is free! 

School Wellness

If you work at a schools where 50% or more of the teens receive free or reduced-price meals, call on our expert staff to help you bring new ideas to your high school wellness committee or, if you don’t have one, to start one up!  We can help you hold events or write grants to get what you need to help your inactive teens.

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