Nutrition Education Videos

All our videos are located at either or Come back often to see new ones as they are posted. If you are in New Jersey and work with low-income audiences, and you would like us to provide a video loop to play at your location for your clients please contact Marisol Ortiz at

snaped4me websites

The snaped4me websites ( and are great places for keeping up with good health in a tasty way.  The websites have:

  • “How To” sections where SNAP participants can go to get information on where to access healthy foods/beverages (like Farmers’ Markets that accept SNAP benefits and WIC vouchers, and lists of places where people can go to be physically active in fun ways with their families in their own communities.  New events and new sites are being added on an ongoing basis so keep them coming back!
  • Healthy recipes made from mostly ingredients people already have in their homes, or that are available to them locally (e.g., at local farmers market).  They also contains recipes made from vegetables that people aren’t sure what to do with!  The recipe section is a GREAT resource for people who are learning to cook…especially new moms and teens!
  • An assortment of entertaining videos that teach good health.
  • Messages from faith-leaders to help keep people motivated to stay on track for health!