Small Group, Adult Nutrition Education Lessons

Adult Lessons are made for use with small groups (4-15 people). Their purpose is to improve participants' food security by helping them identify and adopt changes that they both need and are willing to make. Lessons strive to improve participants':

  • Ability to have enough to eat without resorting to emergency food assistance.
  • Safe handling, preparation and storage of food.
  • Thrifty shopping for and preparation of nutritious foods.
  • Eating and lifestyle behaviors to be consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

All lessons are: sensitive to the needs of multi-cultural audiences, interactive, research-based, behaviorally-focused and learner-driven and written to be used by either paraprofessional or professional staff.

Each lesson provides background information that the instructor can use to answer questions participants may have; a materials list; a lesson plan with handouts; and, an explanation of what makes the lesson a behaviorally-focused lesson. Lesson instructions are written at or below the 8th grade reading level, and handouts are written at or below the 6th grade reading level, with many translated into Spanish.

These lessons were developed and tested by staff and students from the Department of Nutritional Sciences, under the direction Dr. Debra Palmer-Keenan and Judy Klavens-Giunta, RD. Questions and comments regarding these materials should be addressed to either Judy Klavens-Giunta, RDN or Dr. Palmer Keenan.