Faithfully Fit


A Faith-Based Initiative

Faithfully Fit collaborates with faith-based organizations to help those in need eat well on a budget. Faithfully Fit serves patrons of food pantries and soup kitchens supported by faith-based organizations, as well as churches that serve largely SNAP-eligible congregants. The program also serves youth at churches where the children hail from schools where 50% or more of the students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches.


Faithfully Fit Mini-lessons

Faithfully Fit mini-lessons are fun, interactive, hands-on nutrition education activities that last 15 to 20 minutes, and that can be repeated throughout the day. Faithfully Fit mini-lessons are offered at houses of worship located in low-income areas in their food pantries, soup kitchens, and health fairs offered, as well as at Salvation Army events. Check out the nutrition demonstrations we do at:

Faithfully Fit Youth Mini-lesson Series

The Faithfully Fit mini-lesson series’ are offered to youth in churches where the majority of the children attending hail from SNAP-Ed eligible schools.  Sunday School Program Directors can also be given a set of mini-lesson teaching supplies, and trained to teach (or train their Sunday School teachers to teach) 8 fun, hands-on nutrition education activities (that are of 15 to 20 minutes in duration). 

Feast of Faith and Fitness (6-week classes)

Faithfully Fit offers adult lesson series’ called a Feast of Faith and Fitness.  All participating houses of worship must have:

  1. Appropriate kitchen, eating, and teaching spaces, and
  2. Either an adequate number of SNAP-eligible church members or food pantry/soup kitchen patrons (a minimum of 3-5) interested in attending the series.

Each Feast of Faith lesson (6 per series typically held over a 6-12 week period) includes: a 15-minnute indoor walk, a 15-20 minute nutrition lesson, a cooking demonstration/lesson followed by a sit-down meal where the food is consumed, a message from the faith-leader or a faith-leader-designated lay person, and group clean-up.  Nutrition and food safety messages are included throughout the cooking portion of the lesson.  Faith-based organizations that agree to collaborate must provide all (or most) of the food needed for the meals that are cooked and consumed by the attendees, during each lesson as part of the class.

Faithfully Fit Poster Club

The Faithfully Fit Poster Club offers soup kitchens, food pantries and churches with a predominantly SNAP-eligible congregation new nutrition education posters every quarter (in both English and in Spanish).  Posters and accompanying cover letters and handouts are mailed to the Poster Club member locations. 

Inspiration for Healthy Lifestyles

We all need a little help to stay on track.  Faithfully Fit offers videos SNAP-eligible audiences can watch from their phones or their computers at home.  We also offer video loops of how to eat better that can be placed in food pantry waiting rooms or other people congregate.  To see a sample of the videos go to:

For more information on participating in Faithfully Fit offerings,

Write to:

Or call: (848) 932-9735