New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education

Monmouth County



  • 2012 Census Bureau estimated 629,384 residents in Monmouth County
  • Characterized predominantly by small towns
  • According to 2012 statistics there are 6.5% (40,910) persons below the poverty level
  • Per Capita Income is $42,234
  • There is an estimated 14.7% (92,519) of senior citizens residing in Monmouth County


  • The majority of Monmouth County residents are white/non-Hispanic totaling 478,332 (76%)
  • 48,463 residents of Monmouth County 7.7.%) are African American
  • 62,938 residents of Monmouth County (10.0%) are Hispanic

USDA SNAP Participating Families

  • 16,985 households participate in the SNAP Program
  • There is a total of 32,452 SNAP Participants in Monmouth County
  • Statistics from the New Jersey Department of Human Services show that almost half (15,518) of the total recipients are children.

Monmouth County SNAP-ED Project

This portion of the New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) will target education toward the needs of SNAP-eligible residents in these nine communities.

In Monmouth County there are approximately 7,395 children who depend on free or reduced price lunch. In those communities with a high number of SNAP program participants, we need to provide the proper nutrition education so these children can continue to eat nutritiously once they leave school. In educating these children, their health and education can be improved and hopefully the good habits they learn will be carried with them into the future.

In addition to the SNAP-ED adult target audience population, a second population of concern is the senior population. In most communities, reliance on senior feeding programs is crucial ensuring that they receive at least one or more nutritious meal(s) a day. Nutrition education at most senior feeding sites is scant or non-existent. Many senior residents age 65 and over live in poverty and have greater susceptibility to nutritional deficiencies. Nutrition education can improve the health of this target population therefore; the Monmouth County SNAP-Ed Project will continue to target this audience.

Non Duplication

  • Monmouth County does not have an EFNEP project.

Project Objectives

  • To promote the SNAP-ED Project and its statewide mission and expand the program to new municipal and county-wide agencies in Monmouth County.
  • To increase food security through nutrition education programs to SNAP eligible adults and senior citizens via lessons approved by the curriculum development project administrator and according to the statewide mission.
  • To provide food safety and nutrition education to food service workers and volunteers at emergency or supplemental food outlets, soup kitchens and pantries.
  • To provide behaviorally focused nutrition education to youth and young adults in schools that will motivate participants to adopt healthful eating lifestyle and practices that are consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate.

Project Activities

  • Develop and implement methods to promote the use of and exposure to SNAP-ED by SNAP residents of Monmouth County and successfully recruit them into classes and activities.
  • Provide necessary training for paraprofessional educators & staff.
  • Deliver behaviorally-focused, learner-driven nutrition education through research-based curriculum for youth and adults  that has been approved by the curriculum development project administrator
  • Conduct outreach activities to recruit participants.


Networking and outreach efforts will be documented through the agendas and the attendance records of county network meetings. The WebNEERS system will be used to collect pre and post survey data on youth,adult and senior programming and will be included in the year-end evaluation report along with site and class information. Evaluation reports will be generated for food service workers participating in the soup kitchen food safety and nutrition education training initiative.

Collaborative Relationships

Asbury Park School District
Catholic Charities - "Project F.R.E.E."
Keansburg School District
Red Bank School District
VNA of Monmouth County
Asbury Park Senior Center
CHANT- "Conquer Hunger And Need Together, Inc."
Food Bank of Monmouth/Ocean Counties
Howell Senior Center
Interfaith Neighbors
Keyport Senior Center
Manna House
NJ Youth Corp
AP Learning Center
Neptune Senior Center:
Project Paul
TEC "Transitional Education Center"
Women's Center
Work First/One Stop Career Center


Rachel Tansey, MA
Program Associate
Monmouth County SNAP-ED
RCE of Monmouth County
4000 Kozloski Road, P.O. Box 5033
Freehold, NJ 07728
Phone: (732) 431-7260 ext 7271
Fax: (732) 409-4813