Middlesex County



  • Population 828,919 (2013 Census Estimate)
  • Per Capita Income $34,345 (2013)
  • 8.5% of residents in Middlesex County live below the poverty line (2013)


  • The racial composition of Middlesex County is:
    • 62.8 White 
    • 23.5% Asian 
    • 12.9% Asian-Indian 
    • 19.5% Hispanic 
    • 11.0% Black or African-American 

USDA SNAP Eligible Families:

  • 57,172 residents of Middlesex County (29743 adults, 27,428 children) receive SNAP Benefits.
  • 29,521 households Middlesex County are program participants.

Middlesex County Project

The Middlesex SNAP-Ed Program will provide nutrition education to children in eligible public schools where there are at least 50% of students receiving free and reduced price lunch.  Additionally, it will provide nutrition education to adults in various programs including Work First Programs.

Non- Duplication of Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Services

  • The Middlesex SNAP-Ed program will serve SNAP eligible audience. It will only serve audiences that are not being served by the EFNEP Program in Middlesex County.

Project Objectives

  • To promote the SNAP-Ed project and its statewide mission to the SNAP eligible population in Middlesex County, not already served by EFNEP.
  • To deliver behaviorally-focused, research-based nutrition education via lessons, approved by the curriculum development project administrator to elementary school children and their parents.
  • To deliver behaviorally- focused, learner-driven, outcome-based lessons to adult groups where 50% or more of the class population receives or is eligible to receive SNAP benefits.
  • To improve collaboration among municipal, local, county and state agencies in order to assist the eligible population to apply for SNAP benefits in teh state of New Jersey. 

Project Activities

  • To provide behaviorally-focused, learner-driven, outcome-based nutrition lessons to youth and adults.
  • Provide behaviorally-focused, learner-driven nutrition education workshops for parents of school age children.
  • To distribute and disseminate information about SNAP-Ed and specific nutrition education opportunities available to the target population.
  • Collaborate with local, municipal and county-wide agencies to better coordinate SNAP services.
  • Provide 'Train the Trainer' program for medical students to enable them to teach culturally and developmentally appropriate curricula.
  • Hire new staff and provide necessary ongoing training on lessons approved by the state administrative office.


  • The Evaluation Reporting system WebNEERS will be used to input Pre and Post Survey data to look at dietary and lifestyle behavior changes in participatns.


Collaborative - Relationships

Department of Nutritional Sciences Rutgers University
New Brunswick Public Schools
Perth Amboy Public Schools
Central Jersey Family Health Consortium
Department of Labor One Stop Programs
Rutgers University Dept of Medicine Community Health Clerkship
Rutgers University Dietetic Internship
Montclair State University Dietetic Internship
New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids
Anti-Hunger Coalition
Acelero Headstart Health Advisory
New Brunswick Community Food Alliance
New Brunswick Tomorrow



Susan Stephenson-Martin, MS, CD/N
Senior Program Coordinator Central Jersey Region
Middlesex SNAP-Ed /EFNEP
RCE of Middlesex County
42 Riva Avenue, North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Phone: (732) 398-5271
Fax: (732) 398-5276
Email: smartin@njaes.rutgers.edu