Hunterdon County


Total population is 126,250 (2013)

  • 92.2% White, 2.7% African American, 2.7%, 5.9%% Hispanic, 3.7%  Asian, 0.2% Native American/Alaska, 1.2% reported two or more races.
  • Median Household Income $105.880 (2008-2012)
  • Persons below poverty level 3.8%
  • Hunterdon County has one of the highest rates of increasing poverty populations in the state

USDA SNAP Participating Families

  • Hunterdon County has the lowest percentage of SNAP Participants in the entire state
  • 1,936 households in Hunterdon County are SNAP participants
  • 3,326 individuals are SNAP Participants as of September 2013; 2028 adults and 1,298 children.
  • Flemington has the highest number of SNAP families with concentrated pockets of SNAP families living in Lambertville, Raritan Township and Readington

Hunterdon County SNAP-Ed Project

  • Non Duplication

    There is no EFNEP programming in Hunterdon County

  • Project Objectives

    To promote the SNAP-Ed program and its statewide mission. To increase food security through nutrition education programs to SNAP eligible families, adults and children.

  • Project Activities
    • ​To provide behaviorally-focused, learner-driven, outcome-based nutrition lessons to youth and adults
    • Provide nutrition education in the Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission which includes Work First and ESC schools.
    • To work with dietetic interns to contribute to the intern's professional development in the area of community nutrition education for SNAP participants and to improve Hunterdon County's SNAP-Ed outreach capabilities.
    • Provide necessary training to staff/dietetic interns who teach nutrition education classes to the targeted population.
    • To collaborate with local, municipal and county wide agencies to better coordinate SNAP services.
    • To improve and increase collaboration among existing agencies that currently work with low income audiences, other governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations and private enterprises to improve the nutrition education services available to SNAP program participants
  • Evaluation

    The evaluation methodology which is used includes an overall measurement of the impact of nutrition education amongst the senior population of SNAP program participants. The WebNEERS reporting system is used for Pre and Post surveys. 

Collaborative Relationships

RCE of Hunterdon County
Anderson House Inc.
The ARC of Hunterdon County
Easter Seals of NJ - Hunterdon County
Freedom House, Inc
Good News Home for Women
Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission - Adult Basic Education
Flemington Area Food Pantry
Family Success Center



Kim Seppelt, Program Associate
Hunterdon County SNAP-Ed
RCE of Hunterdon County
314 State Route, 12, Bldg. 2
Flemington, NJ 08822-4102
Phone: (908) 788-1342
Fax: (908) 806-4735