Cumberland County



  • Total Population 157,332 (2013)
  •  Lowest Per capita income in NJ- 22,469 (2012)
  • 16.1%  are below poverty guidelines (2012)
  •  Only 77.1% of residents over 25 years possess a high school diploma (2012)
  •  9.8% of Cumberland County residents have less than a 9th grade education (2013)

Demographics (2013)

  • 72.4 White
  • 21.8 African American
  • 28.6 Hispanic
  • 3.1 Other

USDA Participating Families

  • 5,220 households in Cumberland County including 12,521 individuals are SNAP participants (2014)

Cumberland County SNAP-ED Project

Cumberland County ranks the lowest of the state’s counties in income and education. As a result there is great need for nutrition education and low literacy materials in Cumberland County.

The project serves the needs of limited resource audiences who are attending four-week job training programs as well as elementary age youth, students who leave school before graduation, and parenting teens.

Project Activities

  • To promote the SNAP-ED Project and its statewide mission.  
  • To promote community involvement through parent Back-to-school nights, Parent Groups, health fairs and assemblies.
  • To increase food security through nutrition education programs for SNAP eligible adults. SNAP eligible adults are identified through senior centers, work development centers,job training programs and other related program centers.
  • Improve and increase collaboration and cooperation among government agencies, non-profit organizations and private enterprise that work with limited resource audiences.
  • To improve the nutrition education services available to persons eligible to receive SNAP benefits in Cumberland County.
  • To solicit the participation of representatives of the collaborative target agencies and organizations.
  • To expand and enhance the Cumberland County SNAP-Ed Support Network.
  • Network partners will meet on a regular basis to 1) assess present future needs for nutrition education in Cumberland County. 2) develop and implement methods to coordinate nutrition education for SNAP participants more efficiently and cost effectively, 3) develop and implement methods to promote use and participation in the NJ SNAP-ED by SNAP Benefit eligible residents of Cumberland County.


The WebNEERS data reporting system is used for Pre and Post surveys of Adult and Youth.

Collaborative Relationships

  • Bethany Grace Church
  • Bridgeton Commons (Ingerman Apartments)
  • Greater Bridgeton Family Success Center
  • Commercial Township Public Schools
  • CompleteCare Health Network Clinics
  • Cumberland County Council For Young children
  • Cumberland County Drug Court
  • Cumberland County One-Stop Career Center
  • Famcare of Bridgeton
  • First Wesleyan Church Food Pantry
  • Holly City Family Success Center Parenting Groups
  • Impact Parenting Teen Program
  • Landis Farm Market in Vineland
  • Marlboro Market in the Greater Bridgeton Amish Market
  • Muzzarelli’s  Farm Market
  • Pathstone Training and Employment  Services
  • Port Norris Community Mobile Food Bank
  • R.D. Wood School Millville
  • Saint Teresa of Avila Church Hot Lunch
  • Sodat Parenting Groups
  • Spirit and Truth Ministries Hot Lunch
  • Vineland Alternative School (New Jersey Youth Corps)
  • Vineland Police Department/ National Night Out
  • Vineland Public Schools


Susan McKenna, Program Associate II
Jane Vohringer, Program Associate II
Cumberland County SNAP-Ed
Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Cumberland County
291 Morton Avenue
Millville, NJ 08332
Phone: (856)451-2800 Ext.2
Fax: (856)451-4206